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Just a quickie to say everythings fine with me, I was long gone before it hit (A good three weeks away!) so those of you that have asked, chill!

However, it didn't stop the feeling of being totally stunned when I heard the news. I found out from a text from a mate saying 'You ok geez?' Then another saying 'Blimey you cut it fine!'

??? The thing is I'd just woken up from a night on the piss and wasn't really with it so the first answer that I thought of was 'Well, yeah - I'm fine, I didn't have THAT much to drink - and how do THEY know anyway?!!'

So I figured a trip to the free internet in reception of the hostel was in order just to see what was going on. Came out of the lift and was met by an eerie silence, people sitting on the pc's, people looking over their shoulders etc etc..

?? Now I hadn't even done my hair (RAA!) and I was still emitting Alcohol fumes, eyes sitting on bags bigger than my rucksack and was a little confused to say the least.

I managed to get a free pc and headed for the BBC/news website...

First impression was total disbelief, second was FU*K! third was FU*K! fourth was FU*K! and so on..

I sat with my head on my hands just staring at what used to be Patong beach - the place I'd photographed the little old lady selling the Maarrmmaaallaaade, the little puppy under the deck chair, the monkey on Ko Phi Phi a mere two weeks or so before.

All I'll say further is that I spent a day thinking about everyone I'd met, everyone I knew were still there and of course the people I'd left back home. I guess you'd call it 'shell shock' and I found myself dwelling on what 'could' have happened. Made a couple of phonecalls where I didn't really know what to say - just burbled a whole load of nothing down the phone for a few minutes.

A minutes silence was held just before the fireworks were let off at new year and there is a big glass cookie jar in the desk of every hostel here full of change for donations towards the appeal.

I thank my lucky stars I wasn't there - but at the same time feel so bad for the people that were.


I haven't put an update on for a while simply because I dont have anything particularly interesting to put on! I could say I went shopping and stuff but that a bit boring! I've got some pics of the Bridgewalk to upload but I was gonna keep quiet til I'd managed to get em but some of you have asked why there isn't a new update etc.


I'll speak soon,


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