Ed & Shonda's Hawaii Cruise Oct/Nov 2006 travel blog

Breakfast in Skyline Rest. with Sandy and Ed.

Welcome sign at Kauai port.

Nawiliwili Park near the port.

Shopping in Nawiliwili.

Nearing our cruise past Napali Coast.

The Napali Coast . . . beautiful!

More of the Napali Coast.

Looking into Waimea Canyon along the Napali Coast.

Sunset as we sailed from beautiful Kauai to Honolulu.

Dinner in Skyine Restaurant - Sandy, Ed, Shonda, and Ed's chair and...

Phil, Ray, Sharon, & Bonnie at dinner.

The day started as was now our custom on the balcony with our coffee. Today we will be staying in port until early afternoon. Prior to starting on our cruise we had made plans to meet Pam & Bill Atkinson, friends from Rancho Carlsbad, who were vacationing in Princeville, Kauai, for brunch. When we called Pam, she said that it had been raining for a couple of days and the roads from their condo into town had been flooded so they did not want to try to navigate them today.

We decided to do what comes natural when you have the option; we walked into town to do some shopping. Afterwards, we had lunch at the Aloha Café Bar and people watched for awhile.

The ship sailed at 2 PM and about 3 hours later we cruised past the breathtaking Napali Coast. Looking inland along the coast we could see part of the Waimea Canyon which is often called the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific". At different places we could see waterfalls tucked away on the side of the hills. We think that Kauai is the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands. The pictures above do not do them justice.

After a relaxed dinner with Sandy & Ed, we caught another show in the Hollywood Theater. The name of the show was "America's Beat". The song and dance review included music from various periods of our country's history. It was a night of fantastic entertainment.

We returned to our cabin and started packing for our trip home. After a while we grew tired and turned in early on this our last night of the cruise.

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