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The 2week Saga Flotilla is going well so far, we deem it a success as none of them have died yet, although a few have tried to kill themselves by crashing their yachts into the marinas. Unfortunately most of them are just used to driving their electric wheelchairs to the shops and back and have forgotten how to handle yachts, fortunately some quick thinking on Max's part has prevented any serious accidents to date. The funniest one is a retired ex-RAF Wing Commander who claims to have worked down at the joint services sailing school and that he is a Yachtmaster Examiner but he really is crap and manages t really mess up every time he comes in; yesterday he was coming into the jetty and through me the rope to tie him up but them put in on full throttle in forward and tried to take me water skiing. We have named him Captain Mannering. I have been kept pretty busy up to now mainly with toilet problems; yes I know I am off again about toilets. We have one man Mike who keeps managed to block the toilet on his yacht and it always at the same time in the morning, not the best time in a day to deal with such am matter if there is ever a good time. We have checked the toilet and spoken to the chief engineer and we can't find anything wrong with the thing, we can only assume this bloke has logs the size of rugby balls, fortunately we have managed to unblock it every time so far without having to get my hands dirty. We are in a lovely and very picturesque town called Korcula which just out on a peninsula with defensive walls round the city with terracotta roofed house and church spires sticking up, it's place s like this that remind me why I took this job, it certainly beats High Wycombe. I will send some pictures when I can but I have lost access to my mobile internet at the mo, bloody T-Mobile are just marvellous

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