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Alex, his family and I have moved in to a house in Comas, Lima. It is probably considered quite a poor area of Lima. It has been a very eye opening experience....to say the least. I really enjoy being able to get food on every corner and I enjoy heading to the markets to try all the fresh fruit. However the level of poverty is hard to observe and live with on a daily basis. I have found that people tend to loose their empathy under these circumstances. I find it hard to watch how badly people treat each other and the animals! It has broken my heart time and time again. People in our building killed their puppies by half bashing their heads with bricks... then just leaving them half alive to die! I was in tears. I tried to save the other puppies but they had already been starved and covered (infested) with fleas and ticks. I washed and fed them... to no avail....

Then there are the small children in the streets till all hours of the night, squeezing between traffic... it's a hard life here. I have an urge to hug these kids and take them home. It's hard, and I feel powerless to change a thing!

My feelings towards my community here in Comas has been love/hate. There are so many things I love... like the dancing, soccer and language... and others I could never bring myself to live with. My experience is probably very different to most ¨gringos¨over here... because I'm living in an area in which there are no other gringos and it is the ¨real¨ Lima. I dont think I would want to live anywhere else (while here). .. I'm learning so much this way and I'm growing as a person. (well I hope so... or sleeping with the cochroaches is for nothing...he he he).

I have met so many amazing Peruvians at my job at Cayetano. My dear friend Helena showed me the ropes at the Lab and then I had the pleasure of working with Milagros (whose names means Miracle). She is a geniune and kind person, whom I'm blessed to have met. Peruvians, for the most part, are such kind, funny and sincere people and it has been refreshing working with everyone at Cayetano.

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