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Sera Caprglione cooks for me and her boyfriend Fabio

2nd & 3rd course of the same meal

Capo Dei Conca-lookout during the second world war, veiw from the Laudano...

Typical Conca Dei Marini Seaside-now you can understand the 1,200 stairs from...

San Pancrazio Church-the biggest one in Conca

Bucaville flowers on the walk to the beach

Sofia Loren's Conca beach summer home is the while villa on the...

some more Conca steps to the beach

The Conca Beach I go to. One of 3. Restaurant I work...

Andrew Laudano's family owns the villa above the chapel right on the...

Where to start? I last told you about my late arrival to the Laudano villa and how Sera took me to Amalfi to see the weekly vendor's market. That evening I spent at, Teresa's parents home just getting aquainted with her parents (Josephina and Gaetano Casabona).

The next morning I went down to see Sera (17) she had been up since 6am getting the lunch main meal prepared and in Italy that means at least a 4 course meal. She had boiled the chick peas in salted water with a large piece of bacon for flavour. Sera made a paste of some of the chick peas while adding parmesan cheese and salt. To this Sera added cooked noodles and it tasted sort of like macaroni and cheese but of course, much more nutritious because of the chick peas. That was the 2nd course. The first course-antipasta was olive bread sticks and homemade salami. 3rd course was broccoli with dried red peppers and a Italian sausage with fennel added. 4th course was so good...strawberries she had left soak up a mixture of, sugar, lemon and orange juice and nicely chilled as well. The beer that accompanied the meal is the most expensive variety Azzuro. It was a great meal. It makes more sense for me to pay 5 euro's to Sera for a main lunch meal than to mess up the Laudano's kitchen. I figure I will just be eating the little leftovers Sera had anyway.

Last night I wandered down the 1,200 steps to the beach to say hi to my freinds down there that own the resturant. I ended up working in order to get a ride home after dark. So that is how I remain safe and yet be out on the town till 1:30 in the morning. I was there to watch the fishermen come in with their catches of tuna and octupus, which was purchased by the restaurant owner to be cooked yet that late evening for dinner for people that where still coming in at midnight. My grandson Joshua will be very proud of his Nana as the first thing they gave me to do was to chop finely a platter of sautted octopus.

Well, Ralph wants his computer back so I'll write later about today.

Having a great time with friends,


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