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Typical Venice street (paved)

Typical Venice street (water)

For Emma, who I must advise of all things Estonian happening anywhere...

Estonian poster, long shot view

Piazza San Marco

Grand Canal at night (probably too dark to see - sorry)

I arrived in Venice yesterday aft ... it's so beautiful here & no cars (how great is that??) Here are some photos I took last night. Evenings are the best time to walk around because it's a bit cooler & better for photos I think because the light isn't so bright.

There are six districts, I'm staying in San Marco which is very central. I walked over to the Piazza San Marco which is the biggest & most famous square ... the photo doesn't really do it justice; it's incredible. The restaurants around the edges have live orchestras playing & you can just sit on some steps and listen.

Today I will ignore Renaissance art in favour of the Biennale modern art festival (Theme: Pensa con i sensi - senti con la mente / Think with the Senses - Feel with the Mind). Here is the website:

I have tickets to 2 of the modern dance shows too.

This cybercafe is wildly expensive... I might not update again in Venice unless I can find a cheaper one. I've already been here over an hour ... I'm thinking of going to Lake Como instead of Milan, it's about an hour north of Milan so I can still use my train tickets to/from Milan and just add short trips. So, I've been trying to book a hotel room & figure out the train schedules.

Another random thought: both here and in Florence I've seen street vendors selling handbag knock-offs (Prada, Fendi, etc). The vendors are all from Senegal & they lay the bags out on blankets for an hour or so & then pack up & go. I was thinking of getting one ... do you think I'd get in trouble for buying or having one? They actually have "Prada" labels but from a few feet away you can tell the quality difference. They are cheap though!

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