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Il Duomo

Arno engineering feature

Courtyard of the Palazzo Strozzi

Nannini lambskin handbag, Fendi belt, Madonna and Child

Eva Longoria dominates Italian railway stations

Florence photos...

Forgot to talk about the Ponte Vecchio (photo attached to last entry). The Arno River winds through the centre of Florence, most of the historic centre is on the north side (I stayed a few blocks south of the river, which was nice). There are nine bridges, 8 of them were destroyed by the Nazis when they withdrew from Florence & have been rebuilt using some of the original materials. The Ponte Vecchio is the only original bridge, those are jewelery shops on it. In the evenings, tourists hang out on the bridges and take photos & listen to hippie boys play guitar.

Il Duomo is one of the biggest churches in the world ... that is white, pink, and green marble covering it. It doesn't really lean, that's a bad photo.

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