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Christmas dinner! Tamales and Rusian salad..

Christmas here was a very different experience to the traditonal Aussie Christmas. They celebrate at 12am on the 25th. Every one waits up then eats dinner at 12.... then shoots a few guns, lights somefire works... drink way to many beers (myself not included....cant stand the beer).... then drink more and more.... then sleep all of christmas day. New years Eve is much the same. It is very much a family things. I spent it with Alex{s family. You wait up till 12 then eat, then they burn scarecrows in the street, light fireworks, drink to many beers,then try and dance salsa in one of the local enormous clubs.... which is full of families.... everyone from the toddlers to the Grandmas are out dancing the night away. It is quite a sight to see. When they drink beer here not everyone has a glass.... infact there is just one glass and you poor some beer or wine drink it swiftly...shake out any backwash and pass it on.It has taken some getting use too...

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