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My room at the convent

My room again

... and again

View out the window of my room

More view

The Ponte Vecchio from Ponte Santa Trinita

The Ponte alla Carraia from Ponte Santa Trinita (some time later)

A pretty uneventful trip here yesterday. My strategy for getting through Naples traffic was to take a cab, hang on tight, and look at the upper architecture of buildings out the side window (and not look forward or directly to the side no matter what); that worked fine.

The Eurostar train was not a good bet for meals -- you could either go to the dining car (insanely expensive) or buy a soggy sandwich, or just eat chips from the station vending machine (which is what I opted for). I was so glad to get to Florence & go to the McDonalds at the train stn. I scoffed when I got to Europe & saw McD's, but no more -- it is just so much cheaper than any alternatives (I guess like in Canada) .. and sometimes a predictable meal experience is a good thing.

I'm really happy to be in Florence. It's a small, pedestrian-friendly city (friendly in the sense that I don't feel like I'm going to die, but also really easy to get turned around). I really like this convent. There's a grocery store nearby with yogurt & fresh fruit! And whole grain bread!!!!! I didn't think I could handle another 2 weeks of crusty white rolls. I took my whole grain bread AND jar of peanut butter to the breakfast room this morning. The proprietresses don't care, & hopefully the other guests weren't too jealous.

Most museums are closed Mondays so I spent the afternoon shopping. I looked at a ton of purses & bought a Fendi belt. Tomorrow I will be a proper tourist & go to a museum.

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