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tofu on a stalk

one of over a hundred covered bridges in the Terre Haute area

building ain't much but the flag looks good

sports car for the Amish

mom's suv though just a little used

our daily coffee shop,no Starbucks in the sticks

every town needs a plane and cannon outside the court house

what a wrong turn,we ended up 5 states from wher we should...

personally,I prefer the pork brains fried with mushrooms

200 hundred year old barn,now an antique shop

B&B on grounds with antique barn,very comfortable place

support vehicle for Jure Robic-leader of the RAAM

Jure Robic leading the RAAM by 8+ hours

race officials interviewing Fran

Hello boys and girls,

This is Biff Blowdry coming to you from channel GF Dream with weather girl

Truly Hotstuff and reporter Sara Itsnotso bringing you the headines.

Is the rash of raccoon roadkill a conspiracy generated by George Bush or

a mass suicide to promote better relations between the species.We will have

a report from Sara about 2 people bicycling across the U.S.sounds like they

may have a few screws loose to me.Well to Truly with the weather.

(Truly)Hi all,Today will be hot and humid,mid to high 90's with 75 to 80%

humidity,good thing you aren't on the road riding a bike,you should be

in a motel eating Cheerios and drinking Gatorade like us weather reporters

do.The Formula 1 race will be exciting but remember to not drink and drive,to

you Biff.

(Biff)WOW that was totally riveting Truly,maybe next time you could almost make it


(Truly)Up yours hairspray breath.

(Biff)Why you ungrateful....oooops,SO sorry about that,just a little bantering

with the co-worker,now to Sara and an interview with 2 people riding across

the U.S. of A. .Hope they aren't too boring.

(Sara)HI Biff,I'm here with Greg and Fran Hunter who for some unknown reason

quit their jobs and decided to ride bikes across the U.S. .

(Greg)Hello all,Today finds us in Plainfield Indiana,a suburb of Indianopolis

staying in a hotel due to the high heat and humidity(see Truly's report).We were lucky to get a room due to the Formula 1 race in town.The room rates have been adjusted

up like all hotels do but thats to be expected.We have had to reduce mileage

due to the weather but things hope to change in a couple of days.

Not a lot going on,just drifting along,stopped and wandered thru an antique barn

and swap meet,talked to the support crew for Jure Robic who is racing in the Race

Across America.When we talked to them(noon on the 16th)he was 8+ hours ahead of

2nd place.He had slept a total of 6 hours and 40 minutes since leaving Oceanside

Ca. Sunday the 10th.Not the way we are doing it.A short later we were stopped by

a couple of race officials and interviewed about the race and what we were doing.

Fran is just a natural on camera.Not much else happening in the wild and wacky

state of Indiana.We will be heading north tomorrow and on into Ohio within a few

days.Take care all,Greg and Fran

(Sara)Well thanks for all that,Back to you Biff.

(Biff)Thanks a lot Sara,Glad we didn't have to listen to that hamster any longer.

This is Biff Blowdry signing off from my grandma's basement and channel GFDream

Later days all

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