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Paying guests arrived last night at the villa. They needed the cabin I was in as it is closer to the main villa so I had to move to the cabin that my son stayed in last year, personally I prefer this one over the one I was staying in before. I'll try to remember to post pictures of the cabins too.

Only have 10 minutes to type so I try to type fast.

Got up and scrubbed out the main washroom/shower that is a separate cabin too. Made pancakes with the left over pollento (cornmeal/grits) and let the kids try maple syrup. We were out of bread.

Did the dishes, washed down the counters, stove and swept the floor while Amina went to work and Danella got the kids, toys and lunch packed for the beach. Stopped for fresh fruit and vegetables that we would pick-up on our return trip home.

Went to the natural/unspoiled beach called Baratti and sat at the picnic table to eat the fresh strawberries we bought. I started to get an allergic reaction and my eyes began to swell, weep and turn bloodshot. I think it was the field of wild flowers and grass that we were sitting in. Anyway I had to make a quick trip to the beach to get away from the clean country air. I guess my body is too use to the smog.

Spent the day sitting on the beach.

Gotta go,

Wish you were here.


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