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Welcome all peoples interested in our travels ... and those who are wondering (with a morbid fascination) how travelling the world with a 1yr old is going!!

We are pleased to report that the flights (Perth-Singapore and then Singapore-London) went extremely well with both girls behaving like well seasoned (Autumn- 'scuse the pun!) travellers. Both managed to sleep for good periods. As some may be aware, we are travelling with Maya's car seat so that she can be strapped in to the plane and any cars we are in. The car seat was AWESOME and she slept very well, and even when awake was very contented to sit and watch the other passengers and even her own video screen. It was hilarious to see Maya sitting up watching Nemo with headphones on, laughing at the antics of the fish.

Autumn's highlights were "...just being on a plane from Perth to Singapore and all the gadgets and the cool TV!" Also arriving in England was very exciting.

Maya's highlights were charming the crew and passengers and also watching bits of a movie. She also seemed to be fascinated with her being in the car seat and having all her family seated around her. She didn't seem fussed by the take-offs or landings- a fact Bruce attributes to her being used to her mum's driving and the G-forces involved with that! (How rude!)

in future entries we will have a special section called Autumns Corner ... so that readers can have an Autumns eye perspective on this whole thing!

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