Jose & Richard Go to Rosarito travel blog

We arrive at Ortega's Restaurant in Rosarito.

A new sports bar is being built next to the restaurant.

A small area in the interior of the restaurant - the Virgin...

Another look at the small religious area.

Enrique at our table.


Jose and Richard

The Intrepid Adventurers - Jose, Richard, Enrique

When we get to the municipio of Playas de Rosarito we pull into a very nice restaurant located on the main street which is Mexico Hwy 1. The restaurant is owned by David Ortega who is an old friend of Enrique's.

We get served a great breakfast of chorizo con juevos, papas, arroz y frijoles, tortillas de maiz y harina, pan dulce mexicana, cafe, y jugo de naranja. We can't eat it all.....and we waddle out stuffed to our eyebrows.

We meet a good friend Jose Rochin who is a long-time employee of David Ortega. Jose Rochin knows everyone Rosarito that you need to know in order to get anything renewing a Mexican driver's license for instance.

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