Pictures/Names of Missing Persons - Bangkok

Looking at the Log Book of Missing Persons - Photos On Fence

Phuket - 3+ Weeks After - 50 m. Back From Beach

Phuket - 3+ Weeks After - 50 m. Back From Beach

The group met this am to discuss the epic catastrophe which as yet has not evolked the kind of response in the form of aid which one would expect. We even considered travelling to the Thai area or Singapore or Indonesia to explore how we might be of assistance. After a thorough investigation of internet possibilities it appears our presence would not be appropriate since the areas in question have no services even for the survivors, not that we would expect much in that regard but seeing the great needs of the survivors, medical and other very specialized assistance is really what it's all about now! In the future (in 3-4 months) there may be some possibilities for our contributing our possible 'talents'...CNN is giving pretty fair coverage, however the needs are huge and they are only just now assessing the extent of the destruction. I know all our friends and relatives have been concerned but we obviously are in no location even close enuf to feel any effects! We urge you to write our government to request that more be done. Spending billions of dollars to kill people for oil and then committing 30-40 million to help in a situation which begs for the wealthy nations to open their eyes to more pressing needs seems a bit out of balance to say the least. This should be an apolitical message...we hope it is viewed as such for the sake of the hundreds of thousands who are now struggling with not only poverty but the devastation of a natural disaster! I realize we are preaching to the choir here in most cases but please do what you know is right forcing our country's leadership to see some sense of the realities in the third world! Please take time to do what you can. Thank you for listening.

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