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This is Elia and her grampa Antonio husband of Maria-Luisa

This is Elia

Da, Da, Elia balancing on Grampa's back

Yesterday we went to the sea with the endless beach just as we have today. Flora the lady that maintains the villa, but also works off site in the vineyards, cooked a rice and seafood dish with clams, shrimp, squid, octopus and cockle shells in a "barely there" tomato sauce. I had a little bit just to be polite, and it was okay, it didn't have a strong fishy taste. I will at least give the fish dishes a try. I had a taste of sword fish the day before.

We've been three days at the beach by the sea and not much else has been going on.

I will give Maria Louisa a telephone call tonight and check my funds to see if I can afford another trip north to Milan. Amina, Maria Louisa's daughter, says that the old auntie suggested that Maria Louisa go ahead alone to open up the summer home which is south of Milan at San Calombano. Maybe I could ride along with Maria Louisa just to chat and catch up on what's happened in each of our lives over the past year? Maybe I could get a hostel room in Milan closer to the downtown fashion district and go sightseeing the next day to see Prada & Gucci fashions and the painting of DaVinci's Last Supper? I would like to try a meal of osso buco and risotto alla Milanese. There is an overnight train from Milan to Naples that I could take to get back to the Amalfi coast area, where I expect to spend the rest of my vacation.

You must be wondering why I chose Italy to visit. Well, last year Matthew, my son, was touring Europe and did "wwoofing" to save cash. (Google"wwoofing" on the internet.) Basically you become a member of the world wide organization of organic farming and decide to work 30 hours a week on an organic farm in any country in exchange for free food and lodging. I took sick last year and needed a break, so I joined my son as a "wwoofer" and spent 2 weeks at Maria Louisa's villa in the Tuscan hills. Matt did yard work and carpentry, while I made a rose garden, weeded the herb garden and cooked the meals for those staying at the villa. I became good friends with Maria Louisa.

After the two weeks in Tuscany, I headed south to the Amalfi coast. My former high-school co-op student's parents own a villa on the Amalfi Coast in a fishing village called Conca Dei Marini. The co-op student, Ralph Laudano, is now married to Teresa and they have a child Maria. Ralph's parents are, Maria Francesca and Andrew. Maria and I are good friends and see each other weekly as she lives in the next to town (New Hamburg), west of where I live (Baden).

Hope everyone is well at home and I wish you sunny warm weather,



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