Italy 2007 travel blog

My hotel

Beachfront hotels

Promenade des Anglais (looking east)

Puppy boutique window display

Nice park

Promenade des Anglais (looking west)

Got to Nice Wednesday evening. I had this idea Nice was a pretty beachfront town, but my first impression was of blocks of fast food joints & tourist souvenir shops. I was thinking -- boy, that was a quaint & out-of-date idea I had. So, I wasn't expecting much out of my hotel but it turned out to be fine (cute even). The next day I walked in the direction of the beach & remembered that you can't judge a city by the area around the train station. The waterfront area is lovely, but expensive.

My French has been holding up rather well. Especially successful when I have time to formulate a question in advance. When someone asks me a question, I sometimes can answer it. If not, I adopt a deer-in-the-headlines kind of look & they usually switch to English or at least re-phrase.

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