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Finally found an internet spot that can connect to my camera ...

Monday: Went to the Louvre & decided to restrict myself to the Egyptian section this time. I saw the Mona Lisa 25 years ago & I gather it's much the same. Very beautiful Egyptian stuff; I didn't take any photos but you can get an idea at Actually, the trickiest part was staying out of other peoples' photos; it was pretty crowded. I got tired & grumpy about mid-afternoon and needed to leave for a nap. The Louvre is kind of like Ikea in that it isn't easy to find a shortcut out, but eventually I did. I went back the Right Bank that evening & walked around the Tuileries & looked at the Louvre from the outside. This is my favourite part, just walking around outside looking at stuff. Easier for a sleep-deprived tourist to not get claustrophobic. One pic is from the centre of the Tuileries looking west toward the obelisk & arc de triomphe beyond (I don't think you can see the arc), the other is facing east looking at the Louvre.

Tuesday: Walked over to Napolean's tomb & then the Rodin Museum. Here's my Paris museum tip -- skip the Louvres (unless there's something specific you need to see) & pick one or two of the 50-odd other museums. At the Louvres you get the sense that a lot of people are there at least partly out of a sense of obligation (that includes me).

The Rodin Museum is at his former home (see pics) & I really liked walking around through the house itself, mostly emptied of furniture & just full of sculpture. The "backyard" is several acres of gardens, also full of sculpture, & an outdoor cafe where I had lunch. I took the Metro over to the Latin Quarter again & wandered around shopping.

I wanted to go over to the American Church for an English AA meeting & it looked like a long way on the map, but I decided to walk it. It wasn't that far at all ... I walked around the whole Left Bank that afternoon. It's a smaller city than I thought. Every time I saw something that looked famous, I'd consult my map to see what it was. I was staying near the Eifel Tower so could use that as a reference point to find my hotel.

I felt like I was just getting the hang of Paris by Tuesday night.

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