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We left Leisure Lakes Campground around 9 and headed down I-80 toward the dreaded I-80/94 traffic mess around the bottom of Lake Michigan. It was not as bad as we had remembered. Most of the construction is done and the widened road is much easier to navigate.

We continued along the tollway I-80 across the top of Indiana stopping for Dairy Queen and diesel and enjoying the rolling green hills. Roads were pretty good except for some potholes in the most unexpected places on the smooth roads.

The Way Back In Campground in Jonesville, MI, is nothing to write home about. Thank goodness they have WIFI as we are surrounded by huge Oak trees. When I say surrounded I mean like 16 trees just on our site. They have cleared just enough trees for a narrow drive thru and cleared out the underbrush. The shade is so deep that little grass grows here. Not our favorite park and we probably won't come back here.

Our youngest daughter drove to the campground to greet us and brought her father a rhubarb pie. We went out to Pizza Hut for supper and came back to eat the pie. She wanted us to go into her town for a concert in the park but we were bushed and begged off.

Saturday and Sunday we spent at Sara's house - playing with the dogs (she has 3) and doing some yard work. Also went to church with her and found out that the "something" she had going at church on Monday night was a Barbershop Concert she had arranged to celebrate Ron's 70th birthday (which won't be until July).

Monday we went to visit son-in-law's new hardware store (he had been out of town on business all weekend) He is remodeling it and it is looking good.

Son-in-law Dave's dad, Dave, and wife, Mary came over to Sara's in the afternoon. They brought rhubarb so Sara can make more pies. We all went out to the Eagle's Nest for dinner before the concert.

Sara had hired a quartet called "Just 4 Friends Singin'" to sing about 8 - 10 songs. Well they sang 16 plus 2 encores. We had so much fun. Sara had us sit in the front row and they sang and talked just to Ron. She even had it set up to make a CD of the whole program so we have that, too. About 20 people from the church came so it was really fun. The only problem was that I forgot my camera.

- More to come

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