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Weaving Woman

KK getting a lesson

CB rinsing out the dye

The fruits of our labor

The Waterfall aka craziest rapids ever

The view from the island

Robert and Kate at the Reclining Buddha

Mini golf


Hey all,

Since the New Haven peeps returned to the States things have been pretty slow. We spent our last day in Vientiene visiting a non-profit weaving center a few kilos out of town. We got try our hand at dying and now we each have a personally decorated scarf (check out the pics). Ironically, we paid a dollar more to make our own than to buy an already dyed one, but it's more about doing things ourselves.

After Vienntiene, we hoped on an overnight bus to Southern Laos. We spent a few days island living in the Mekong Delta. We thought that life was lazy in the north until we got to the south. Everything and everyone moves so slowly it's almost painful if we weren't so chilled ourselves. We spent our days walking around the islands and chillin'. One of the days we rented bikes and rode to the waterfalls, which aren't really waterfalls, but the craziest rapids we've ever seen. The island doesn't have electricity and it's a mystery why they don't harness the hydroelectic power, but the physics of it all is a mystery to us.

After our ultra-laid back days in Laos, we boarded another overnight bus to.....Bangkok!! We never imagined we would backtrack that much, but Robert (Kate's brother) was in town and since he was nice to let us repeatedly crash at his place, we decided to make the trip. In Bangkok, we saw some wats (temples), ate amazing food (thanks Robert), and shopped our hearts out at the markets. We also ran into several people who we knew from all over Thailand and Laos. It's crazy what a small world it is sometimes.

Just short of going broke, we left Bangkok to go to Pattaya to hang out with Robert at his house. It was sort of surreal to hangout with Robert in his house after months of it just being us (we held passover dinner there, it was our first Thai beach, and basically a home base). After some mini golf and proper Thai food, Robert headed back to Japan and once again it was just us. So now, we're just hanging out, getting a few things sorted, and catching up on the blog :) We're off to Cambodia in about 24 hours and there are bound to be some exciting tales to tell.


Kate and Carla

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