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School of Trevelly fish moving away from a nearby shark and human

Horses playing in the sand at nananu -i- ra, paradise?

Nananu-i-ra sunset-----early

later sunset, killing me with kindness,

Nananu-i-ra , people couldn't understand why I didn't sleep in the dorms

entering a ship wreck near N-i-R, very challenging

Sunset on the island just south of Neviti

The second week in Fiji was definitely better than the first, more diving, kayaking and volleyball. I stayed on the island of Nananu-i-Ra (just off the coast from Rakiraki town) for 5 days or so and now am heading to the Yasawa group of islands, site of the cyclone that hit here two weeks ago to welcome my arrival. The sunsets have been unreal, hopefull the photos will demonstrate. Also have been tracking the moon, catching the moon rise and set, as well as the sun rise and set.

the horses would go in the bay, and then come out and role in the sand, along with the sheep, pigs, and one really huge annoying rooster it was like a farm there, I slept up on the ridge top as it was near Christmass and I spent a great deal of time wathing the moon/sun rise and set...

only problem with this resort was a spat of theivery around chritmass time, I was unscathed but it did shorten my wonderful stay there.

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