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Grand Plage

Grand Plage

Place St Eugenie, view of Grand Plage

Grand Plage

Cathedral St Eugenie and Old Port

Sunset from Grand Plage

Sunset from Grand Plage

Old Port

Cathedral St Eugenie and Chateau

Seals at Musee del Mar

Another seal

Seal no.3

Self pic again

Monday 4 June

John had purchased first class tickets for this journey so we had a very nice comfortable 4 hours, no kids and plenty of room, arriving in Biarritz mid afternoon. So once again we're at a beachside resort town except this time it's raining. Now Biarritz is a lovely but little town so when it rains there is stuff all to do and the guy at the hotel tells us it's going to be like that for a few days. So we headed out with our brollies and ended up at one of the few wet weather attractions, the aquarium. Managed to be there in time for seal feeding which was a bit of fun and the weather had also started to come right.

Now at this stage we're only 3 weeks away from Madrid, Europride and a few parties where it's going to be about 30-40 degrees inside and no doubt on occasion the shirt will come off. Now that's not a problem except that the bodies have changed a little (all those pastries, gelato and lately wine) so today we decided each day for the rest of the trip we'd do a 1 hour power walk before dinner (YEAH RIGHT). This proved quite easy in Biarritz as there's plenty of roads, promenades and tracks along the coast.

After our walk we headed off for dinner, this time we decided to do the tourist thing and have the menu de jour. The only thing of note was the fish soup which Peter decided looked like, smelt like, had the texture of and most likely tasted like an unfrozen berley bomb. After managing to have a few mouthfuls it was passed to John who finished his own and Peter's.

Tuesday 5 June

Woke today, after a good sleep in to surprisingly find a lovely day. Wandered around town for the morning then headed for the beach. Great surf beach which by mid-day is pretty packed with surfies - we gather they are tourists otherwise there's not a lot of schooling going on here. After work hours it gets even busier as the locals head out and the families hit the beach, which is pretty much a queue for us to leave - sunset here is not until 9.45pm. Back for a quick nap before shopping for our dinner, decided we'd have a nice dinner on the promonade with an 1989 St Emilion Grand Cru we'd bought in Bordeaux. So this went down with some foie gras, marinated octopus, cold roast pork, mozzarella, tomato salad and a pasta salad ... all very nice. Finished this just in time to take some photos of another beautiful sunset. Oh yes we did manage our walk in between our nap and dinner.

Wednesday 6 June

Ground hog day ... a look around more shops, hit the beach for the afternoon, nap, walk, dinner, sunset pics and bed. There you go the shortest entry yet, bet you've been wishing we'd make a few more this length :)

Thursday 7 June

Off to (hopefully sunny) Spain. Just a short bus ride over the border.

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