Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Thats how far away form the eiffel tower that part of Canada...

Looking down

Paris is layed out quite nice

River Seinne

Champs de Mars

It was very cold and windy up at the top

more Paris

me enjoying the view

Down another level

thats how they painted the tower

Looks fun huh?

The line up of people

The stairs

The eiffel tower

Ecole de militaire

Napolean is buried in there

Inside the catacoombs

I wish I knew more french


entering into darkness

lots of old bones


so many bones

piled on top of eachother

an altar

an interesting sign

Musee d'orsay

Famous museum

Used to be a train station

the ceiling

the big clock

cool sculptures

very open museum

some stain glass

fancy room


Was up and down waiting at the eiffel tower by 9:30am when it opens up. It turned out to not be that great of a day, cloudy, cold and a bit drizzly. Climbed the stairs up to the second level and then you have to take an elevator up to the 3rd/top level. The elevator up to the top is a bit scary. You really dont realize just how high up you are going.

What a view from up there! From up there you can really see how well paris layed out as a city. It's amazing how they built it. Bought a small keychain of the eiffel tower at the gift shop on the 2nd level. They had some displays on how they built it, painted it and they had videos of the firework display they put on for New Years Eve millenium. It's amazing the show they put on!!!

Walked up Champs de Mars to the Ecole Militaire and then over to invalides where Napolean is buried. I didn't go inside as it wasn't that much interest to me and I didn't want to pay haha. From there I headed over to the catacombs. They are underneath the city and are lined up to match city streets.

It's quite interesting down there. All the bones from some overcrowded cemeteries were brought down into these catacombs. Bones from the 1700's and 1800's. They are all stacked up on top of eachother and skulls are lined up looking at you. Kind of creepy but peaceful at the same time. Hard to explain but it's very moving.

Grabbed some lunch from a market and then ate it on the steps to the Musee D'Orsay. It started to rain so I headed inside the museum. It's a really amazing museum. It's in an old train station so it's very open and there are scultptures and paintings and furniture everywhere. My feet were killing me by this point so I just headed back to the hostel to relax and pack up for my big flight back to Ireland!!!!!

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