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a crowd of people in the distance

closer up

the church

the enterance

inside the church

a queen from the hall of kings and queens

inside the opera theatre

the curtain

above the door

more carvings


massive fireplace

painting on the ceilings


the throne....yep thats it.


in the hall of mirrors

Hall of mirrors

queen's bed

portrait of Napolean

Notre Dame

close up


beautiful stain glass

rose window

the altar

mini version

inside again

looking up

side view

another view

back view

gorgeous building

the bell tower

The Pantheon

old university building

closer up


more inside

looking up into the dome

voltaire is buried there

victor hugo's grave

looking from the top

lookin down

view from the dome outside

I went way up there

another view

overlooking Paris

Sacre Coeur in the distance

self portrait

Paris is a big city

eiffel tower again

park where I ate my lunch

Palais Luxembourg

palm tree

Paris expo


approaching the eiffel tower

looking up

it was pretty

looking straight up

i liked it

sun setting and tower lit up

soldiers with big guns were there

all lit up

so purty

arc de triumph lit up

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Eiffel tower sparkle show

Up really early this morning and went down and ate breakfast with Mary who was leaving that day and gave me her weekly metro pass which helped me out big time! I caught the train out to Versaille with a ton of other tourists and instantly regretted it haha.

It's a 30 minute ride out to Versaille. The sun finally showed it's face for a bit while I waited in a 45 minute que just to get tickets. You get a free audio guide with your ticket and then you have to wait in another line just to get in. It was so crowded inside and by this time I've seen my fair share of castles and it just didn't seem that interesting anymore.

It is a gorgeous palace with it's own opera and the Hall of Mirrors is quite stunning. They were doing some work on it when i was there so I may not have gotten the full effect. Finished the tour in record time haha and then headed back into Paris. Headed straight over to Notre Dame and went inside. It's amazingly beautiful inside. The stain glass windows are beautiful. Walked all around the outside of the church snapping pictures.

I headed over to the Pantheon from there. It's HUGE inside. Very breathtaking. Down in the crypts are the tombs of loads of famous people, Voltaire, Victor hugo...etc. I then walked all the way up to the top of the dome. The view of Paris from up there is breathtaking. You can see the eiffel tower in all it's glory, the Louvre, the Sacre Coeur.

I ate my lunch in the gardens at Palais Luxembourg. Caught the metro over to the paris expo but nothing was going on there so I caught the metro over to Montparnasse which is a mall with a really tall building attached that you can go to the top of and there is a big lookout from up there but again you have to pay so I decided against it and went shopping haha, I bought another french bra...they are the best!!

I hung out at the hostel until the sun was starting to set and then I headed down to the eiffel tower. I got to see it get all lit up at night and then at 10pm and every hour on the hour they put on a sparkle show where the whole tower is sparkling in lights. So gorgeous. So I headed over to the Arc de Triomph to see it all lit up at night as well. Amazing.

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