Shells Shells Shells - From ??

Arrived here in 2 1/2 hrs. from Rach Gia at 11:00 am and faced a multitude of drivers who tried to get us to pay up to 50,000 d. ea. to get to our hotel where we had reservations. Luckily we found 5 other whiteys(2 Auseys 3 Swiss) and we got it down to 20,000 each($1.35 US). At the hotel we found no reservations and they tried to get us to take rooms for $5 US (we had been told the reservations were for 4 @ $15 with the possibility of adding another cot all in a single room). Since we made the decision based upon the cost of room and the fact we were planning to stay 4-5 nights since the ferry was so expensive we were a little bummed and "threatened" to go look for other lodgings. After much discussion and explaining to the only guy who knew a little English finally the fellow relented and showed us 2 rooms for 2 people @ 120,000 d. and we could put a mattress on the floor of one for $3 US each! Hmmm, a better deal than we expected!!

Our second day began after a bit of conflict in the group, true feelings were exchanged the night before and we met most of the morning to discuss what we could do to avoid major hassles and arguments in public. We ended up each agreeing to work on certain pet peeves that others saw in each of us i.e. not listening, assuming, speaking more to the point, not interupting, being more patient...and also, all being less serious, adding a bit of humor to our inevitable breakdowns to lighten things up!!!!! Some felt we had been in V.N. too long, this confused Jake until he realized he had been here a week less than the rest of us, ha! And so it goes. Tomorrow (12/28 - Tues.) we are heading out on an excursion to snorkel around some islands N. of here...the last 2 days have been spent on the beach near here, but today we ran into some tiny jelly fish which were evidently just "hatched" and altho not particularly hurtful, many many tiny stings made snorkelling uncomfortable!

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