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We had a shuttle at 6am to head to san pedro sula. I was now glad I spoke some spanish because there was much confusion with the bus company. Basically there was a different bus we had to catch, and then change, get a refund on the tickets we bought, buy new ones... we got through it eventually...

It was 3 hours on a normal bus to san pedro sula and this is where Tina changed and got a bus to La Ceiba to get to the bay islands and I was staying here to meet geoff tomorrow.

Tina left and I went and found a hotel. Basically I am writing all of this in extrmely painstaking detail simply because I am sitting in an internet cafe in San Pedro and there is nothing to do... it is a quite a large city, dirty, dangerous, smelly, boring and rough. I hate it. Anyway if I drag this entry out for a few hours it might be time for dinner... The hotel was pretty ugly.. It looked like a prison when I checked in and to add to the effect you were given a towel, a roll of toilet paper and a bar of soap (and it wasnt soap on a rope so I was going to hang on to it very tight and not drop it). I wasnt told how long these essentials but with me only staying one night I thought it would be ok..

I wandered around the afternoon trying to find the other bus terminal to go to La Ceiba... I couldnt so had some lunch... then went to the internet cafe... and now here I am..

oh well close... Geoff will be here tomorrow and we can go somewhere better.

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