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Sun bittern

Garvial (thinnest snout out of the alligator/croc family)


Hornbill of some kind...



Bear photo stolen from Heidi

Me and the wingspan of a Condor!


On the evening of the 30th May I landed in Texas, the Lone Star State. I appear to be having the worst luck with flights in the US though. I left from Santa Ana airport in Orange County at 11.40am, flew to Houston, but we got delayed in the air for an hour due to too much traffic and a storm. This meant we didn't land into Houston until 5.45pm, the time my connecting flight to San Antonio was due to leave! Which means I missed it, so they put me on the next one. Therefore I had 2 hours to wander around Houston airport before getting the flight to San Antonio. Thankfully, once I landed in San Antonio, I didn't have to worry about anything as Heidi and John were there to pick me up and take me home to their apartment.

The next couple of days were mainly relaxing, around the apartment and the pool and catching up, which was really good. And nice to be not have to share a room or be in a bunk bed!

On Saturday we went to the Alamo Drafthouse, a cinema where they serve you food, like in a restaurant, which is very cool! We saw Shrek the Third, which was amusing but not as good as the first 2.But being served proper food whilst watching a film is a great experience!

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to the zoo which was excellent fun, seeing hundreds of animals, including several species of bears and they had an African animals section, and an Amazonia part, a bug house, which was slightly disappointing as since there are more insects than other animals in the world, only about 10 species were represented. Then there were snakes, and hippos and hundreds of birds, they have one of the largest collections of birds in the US and maybe in the world.

We spent about 7 hours there, and were all very tired and hot, but it was certainly a fun day, especially to go somewhere with other people and not on my own.

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