2007 - Saigon to Paris travel blog

Our northern chinese departed the train early in the morning and we had some sympathy with Jerry's comments. The state of the carriage where they had been was filthy. Rubbish everywhere and sticky beer stains all over the floor - the train staff less than impressed.

Their departure allowed us a little more space and we eventually arrived in Wahan at about midday. Straight onto a public bus heading for Yichang.

As we moved further inland, we found that we were much more of a novelty to the locals - especially the children who would look at us, then turn away and giggle. We would add to their delight with many 'ni hao' (hellos)

Yichang is a growing city. Dozens and dozens of construction cranes and demolition sites...China is certainly growing.

Our original itinerary had us staying a night here however this trip we only had a very late lunch and then boarded another bus for the 1 hour trip to the river boat.

Our meals are usually group and we leave it to Jerry to order a range of local dishes all to be shared. He does a good job and introduces us to many different tastes and temptations. A couple of our favourites have been egg plant & garlic, morning glory, many different versions of tofu and much to Glorias delight, a range of chilli and spicey dishes.

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