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OK, first: did you know keyboards are different in europe? Just a few letters are in different places, this will slow me down a little. Second: they are playing a very good Annie Lennox CD in here.

It was nice to sign on for the first time & find messages from some of you! If you want to get email notifications when I post a new entry, send me a message to say so.

Yesterday (Sunday) I took the Metro to the Ile de la Cite (the big island in the Seine that Notre Dame is on). On Sundays they have a bird market; rows and rows of cages of birds for sale (I'll try posting photos in a minute), also flowers and various rodents. I wanted to buy a turquoise budgie. I walked all around the Ile, sat and drank cafe au lait, then sat in the Square du Vert-Galant (see photo). The next photo is taken from the Pont D'Arcole, the Ile is on the left ... that's the Palais de Justice you can see on the left. Everything is stunningly beautiful.

I went to Notre Dame just as a mass was ending; that is one big ole church. There are statues of JC & various saints around the perimeter, and you can buy candles to make offerings. I lit one for Jeanne d'Arc.

Then I walked across a bridge to the left bank & explored the latin quarter and St. Germaine des Pres. There's an outdoor flea market near Place St Sulpice (photo) that apparently has a strict rule -- only cool amazing vintage stuff, no junk. I didn't buy anything (!) Having to carry all your stuff on your back is a strong disincentive to consumerism. I was tempted to buy some metallic silver hi-tops, so might go back.

Around 4 pm I crashed & had to go back to the hotel for a nap. My room is fine, possibly even smaller than the budget hotels I stayed at in NYC & San Francisco; it seems smaller because its on the top floor so the walls slant in. Good thing I'm short; a guy checked in yesterday afternoon on the same floor & I kept hearing 'bump ... ow!'

Today is rainy ... I'm headed to the Louvre (along with every other tourist). Have a good day ...

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