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I decided to jet to somewhere unknown for a week or two, and found a super cheap deal to Bulgaria, a place I knew nothing about - so I went! I'm in a city on the Black Sea coast called Varna, with around 400,000 residents. It is interesting being in a former Eastern Block communist country. Some people love the new economy and social system since the fall of communism - but every old person I talk to misses how protected their culture and language was under the old way. The oldsters hate the Americanization of everything - and really hate rap music! Lol! I'm off to explore small coastal towns tomorrow. I'm trying to learn the Cyrillic alphabet while not being distracted by the chesty brilliant-eyed local females. Guess how that's working out for me?

Where To Next?

I'm going to a huge hard rock festival in England next week with a shit-ton of huge bands (the Download Festival in Derby - look it up online -


- unreal line-up!). Should be fun! Then I'm going to explore London some more, then Scotland and Ireland for a few weeks. I hope to hook up with Amy the end of June when she and her Aunt come to London. Doing a Contiki tour July 30th for 14 days blitzing around central Europe. The rest of the summer will be going where the wind blows me in Europe.

If you have any ideas or people I should look up - please let me know!!

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