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illegal photo of Michelangelo's David with Sling b4 Goliath killed, inside Accademia

1/2 price at 242.euros jacket with nice

Quit laughing, ya they let me into a "youth hostel".

Started out early this morning and caught the train from Rome to Florence after having a croissant and cappuccino for breakfast. I bought a ham and cheese sandwich too, just in case I got hungry on the way. When I got to Florence I bought bus tickets and a ticket for a guided tour of the Galleria dell' Academia to see the DAVID statue. When I got to the bus stop I realized that I would have to stand and wait for the bus for an hour so, I hailed a cab that cost me 15.50 euros to get to the hostel. Dumped my backpack and got right back out to catch a bus back downtown to get to the meeting place for the tour. The meeting place wasn't where I understood it to be so I was very glad for the extra time I allowed myself. I got to the meeting place on time.

The statue of David made me miss my husband; don't do this on your own girls! The Duomo was spectacular too...ya, onto a nice safe Christian topic. The walls of the Duomo are covered with dark green, pink and white marble and the building is huge.

I tried on the nicest leather jacket and had the store man take my picture while trying it on. That's as close as I'll get to a leather jacket of that quality.

I want to get pictures loaded up soon, sorry for the wait as I need to learn how.

Thanks to Kitty, Ruth, Maria, Gord, Aaron, Dave, Matt and Jessica for joining my adventure. It feels like I come home each night to tell my family how my day went, so, I'm not lonely on my own.

I want to stay another night at least but I will move to the campground at this same hostel to save money. That tour 25 euros and taxi 15.50 was a pretty big drain on the budget. The hostel only costs 17.70 e per night


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