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Scottish Guardsman at Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle (1)

Edinburgh Castle (2)

Tartan Weaving Mill and Museum

Nick at Tartan Weaving Mill and Museum

Deacon Brodies Tavern in Edinburgh

Buildings in Edinburgh

Cathedral and Monument in Edinburgh

Monument in Edinburgh on The Royal Mile

Tribute to Robbie Burns on The Royal Mile

Jekyll and Hyde Pub

National Art Gallery

Today we went back into city centre and got back on the Edinburgh City Bus Tour (our tickets were good for 24 hours) and refreshed our memory as to the sights we saw yesterday. Barb and I determined that we liked the smaller towns of The United Kingdom better than the bigger cities which has influenced our travel plans for later in the week. After stopping at Edinburgh Castle to have a look around we walked a bit down the Royal Mile and stopped in at a Tartan Mill Works and Factory and a Scoth Whiskey Museum. The entry fee was a bit pricey so we just wandered about their store and saw many many different scotches available....for you big scotch drinkers I was going to pick you a treat....a nice 55 year old bottle of single malt that was only £6000 ($13,000 Cdn) what a bargain! We then went into the National Art Gallery and took in the European section of art displayed.....Rembrandt's, Monet's and a whole bunch of other arists from the 1500's and 1600's that we had never even heard of before and some of the paintings were huge....almost as large as the entire wall of the rooms they were hanging in......the dollar value of all this artwork would be phenominal.....we called it a day and planned out our next day's trip and checked at the train station for details on getting to the town of Chester which would take us 9 hours going thru Birmingham.....Chester is close to Wales and we will then be able to take the train thru Wales to Holyhead where we will get the ferry to Ireland in a couple of days.....Miss you all......

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