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Yesterday we were awake early even though we could have slept in. Both of us were off work for our anniversary. We had our morning coffee together as usual and then went out for a walk.

We had lots of errands to run so we headed in to town.

We stopped first at the printing office to pick up a rubber stamp with our web site address on it. The printing office was closed. Only open Monday through Friday. OK, not a good start, but the next stop was easy. A couple of blocks down the street to the bank, cash Marilyn's check and deposit my check in the checking account, pick up the checks we had ordered, and go on our way. Well, it seems that the checks are ready but they are at the main branch which is in another part of town. "Just go to the drive through and they will have them waiting for you". Right!

We drove across town to a bank we had never visited before and discovered a long line of cars waiting at the drive up window.

I pulled into another lane. Oops! This one is only an ATM. Back up! No cars have moved in the drive up window lane.

Pull into another lane. This one has a service button. I can actually talk to someone. "Sorry sir, the checks won't fit into the tube. Please pull forward and we'll bring your checks out to you, or come inside".

"Bring 'em out"!

We are still sitting in the car, seat belts fastened, when they bring the checks out. "May I see your ID, Sir?"

"Of course". Seat belt off, twist around to get the wallet out of the pocket, show the drivers license, put it back in the wallet, wallet back into the pocket, and fasten the seat belt. Now we have the new checks and we can leave, but the only exit takes us directly into a shopping center. Grrrr!

Now we are trying to find an exit from the parking lot, when "Ding"! the Low Fuel light comes on. I know! I know! I am trying to find the way out of here so I can go fill up with gas.

After many twists and turns to find the shortest way to the Wal-Mart, we finally arrive and fill the car with gas at $3.15 per gallon. It cost $56.50 to fill my van with gas.

Then it was into the Wal-Mart to buy groceries. Saturday! Everyone has come out today to shop!

I tried to remain patient and soon the ordeal was over. We loaded our groceries, then stopped for lunch at a Chinese buffet and headed back to the campground.

We put the groceries away with plans to drive over to Quincy, IL for the afternoon, but discovered that the refrigerator/freezer needed to be defrosted. OK, forget going to Quincy. Let's get things done. We defrosted the refrigerator/freezer and wiped it out, then put the food away. We also decided to make our reservations for the month of October. We reserved a week in Colorado Springs at Mountaindale RV Resort, a week at Santa Fe, NM at Santa Fe Skies RV Resort, a week at Palo Duro RV Park near Palo Duro Canyon, TX, and nine days at Riverside RV Park in Concan, TX.

Then we remembered that we had planned to stop at the hospital to see our daughter, Jennifer, who is a nurse. We decided to watch Tiger play golf for awhile and then drive out to see Jennifer. Jennifer gave us a card written in Spanish, which we enjoyed a lot. She also gave us a magazine about hummingbirds, which Marilyn read to me as I drove home.

It turned out to be a nice day and we enjoyed driving to the hospital. We had a nice visit with Jennifer and started back. I saw a bar-b-cue place and made a quick decision. No cooking tonight! Bar-b-cue ribs for dinner. MMmmmm Good!

As we were eating our ribs, gooey sauce being licked from our sticky fingers, Renee dropped over to invite us over for a glass of wine. OK, we'll do that! "In fact, why don't you come on over here about 7:30"?

After we finished our dinner, we went outside and sat in the lawn chairs with a glass of wine. Renee came over for a few minutes and then returned to their motorhome when we saw Rodger drive in.

They returned to our patio in a few minutes carrying a bottle of wine as a gift for our anniversary. They are nice folks!

We sat outdoors for awhile and then went indoors to show them pictures of Llano Grande.

They have decided to join us in the Rio Grande Valley this next winter. At least for one month of it. We will have a lot of fun and they will like our other friends, too.

After Rodger & Renee left, we relaxed for a few minutes before going to bed. It was our anniversary you know! :)

All in all, it was a pretty normal day. Not a romantic, relaxing day full of adventure.

Part of the joy in this lifestyle is just taking things as they come, rolling with the punches, and enjoying the day. As long as Marilyn and I were together we were ok.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....

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