Asia part 2 - the return travel blog

After the night of hell on the bus we finally arrived 16 1/2 hours later at Mapusa. The first thing we did was to get a drink, as we were being hounded as we came off the bus for offers for lifts to all the 'best' beaches. We had a plan and we thought we would stick to it.

We could either wait a few hours for a cheap bus or get a mini bus for the four of us up to Arambol, the Northern most beach, which was meant to be quiet and peaceful. The decision was easy. The minibus it was.

When we got to Arambol, we got the normal rubbish from the taxi driver about he knows a cheap place but we dedided to go and find somewhere for ourselves. After Sean and I checked a few places out while the grils had a drink we decided on a place called residensea, it has nice little huts right on the beach and for only 2.50 equivalent a night for the both us. We booked for 3 nights.

Spent the rest of the day on the beach and in the sea which is lovely and warm and then out for some nice food and drinks in the evening.

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