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When you see the "Bull Board" you know you're in Spain!

Driving into the Castle of Cardona - small car = good!

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Cardona Castle

We've slowed the pace down a bit. Picked up a car in Barcelona (no problems this time although our car is so small we have to put the back seat down to fit the luggage in!). Headed north to the small town of Cardona and know for sure we are in Spain because of the Osborne Bodega bull billboards that appear on hill tops!

On our last trip to Spain we discovered the Paradors, wonderful government owned hotels that are high end, exceptional value and usually located in an old castle, monastery or a spectacular location. For this part of our trip we found a special 5 night deal where we get 5 nights at different Paradors for 90 Euro per night (about $135). An excellent deal for the quality of the hotels. Cardona was our first stop and it turned out to be a restored 13th century, fortified Dukes castle sitting on top of a hill just outside of Cardona. Other than the castle, there is nothing to see or do in Cardona which was fine by us, a good chance to catch up on some reading. Paradors have big formal dining rooms and serve local specialties so we checked out some Catalan dishes, totally different from the food we've been having so far in Spain.

Next stop is the Navarra area of Spain, one of the wine regions.

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