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Yesterday was a fun day all day long. I gave three tours of Cameron Cave and had another one scheduled but no one signed up for that last one. That allowed me to go home early and I even had time for a power nap.

One of the tours had two families on it. They were all friends and had been neighbors at one time. One family now lives in Colorado Springs and the other lives in Cody, Wyoming. They were a lot of fun and very nice people. Nine people all together with five of them being beautiful young girls in their twenties.

The other two tours had only two people each, but were fun also.

Rodger & Renee were having a cookout at their place so we all 14 of us carried food and chairs with us as we walked over to the motorhome. Rodger had set up a mesh tent to cover the picnic table, and it turned out to be a nice thing because we had one brief rain shower.

The cookout was a lot of fun. Renee made several pitchers of margherita's and the food was delicious.

Good company, good weather, and good food. It doesn't get any better than this. Oh, we do love this lifestyle!

I have some pictures to post from last night and I will do so after I finish writing.

I had a comment from one reader who represents an on-line rv campground directory. Please read the guestbook notes to locate the link to his site. I will look into it and write more about that site later.

Another reader noticed that I have mentioned a guide named Chris several times but had no pictures of him. That is true but I will have a picture of Chris soon. He just wasn't around when the camera was handy.

We slept great again last night. Due to the humidity, we left the A/C on and slept under the covers. We didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning. That is sleeping in for us. :)

It rained during the night. I think I heard it raining about 3:30 AM, but went right back to sleep. It sure makes for some nice sleeping with the sound of rain on the roof of the RV.

I had to laugh last evening, when Jennifer called us on my cell phone. My ring tone is from "The Entertainer". You know, the song by Joplin. I used to play it on the piano and it was the only song I knew. When my phone rang, everyone began singing or humming "The Entertainer". When I answered the phone, my daughter, Jennifer, asked "Where are you?"

Well, Marilyn has coffee ready so I am going to spend some time with her. Then I'll come back to post some pictures.

Can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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