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Sat in the Dubai Business Class lounge at the moment waiting for my next flight and making the most of the free internet and yummy cakes. Treat myself to Business Class as because of the Dollar its relatively cheap at the moment, I also get a limo back to High Wycombe. Also, apparently the economy class from Bangladesh is really bad because the toilets get dirty quickly because the locals actually stand on the seats to use them as they are only used to drop toilets and I've had enough of crap toilets for now (no pun intended). BC is definitley the future though, loads of leg room, loads of food and wine, although I am pumped up with immodium to make sure I get good value for money (it's a Yorkshire thing), it may hurt later but I want my moneys worth!!. Think I am going to put any weight I've lost over the last few weeks back on, just on this flight alone. I also get priority through immigration as well, so I don't have to stand with the poor people, how good is that. Although I wil be standing with the poor people next time if I don't get a job!! See you all soon, well maybe not all, but as many as I can anyway! Gary

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