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Yesterday was another good day, even though I spent most of it at work. I didn't have to go in until 10 AM so we had a relaxing morning with our coffee. Marilyn then tinkered with the bird feeders while I got ready for work and took a walk. I visited with Carl & Linda and another couple, from Indiana.

The people on my tours were just great and it was a fun day. One entire family came in and they were from Wichita, KS. It was interesting to talk with them. One of the guys works at Cessna, but we didn't know any of the same people.

I never did get time to have lunch but that was ok because Marilyn met Cathy in town for lunch. They had a good visit and Cathy invited us to a fish fry on Friday or Saturday. Saturday is our 45th wedding anniversary and I had plans for a more romantic evening for us but we'll see what happens. I am always open to new adventures. :)

In the afternoon, Carl showed up to join one of my tours. We both enjoyed that.

I have been promising to get some pictures posted for you, so that is on my agenda for this morning. I have pictures taken on the farm from Memorial day, and pictures of the campground here in Hannibal.

Last evening after I got home, Marilyn and I relaxed with a glass of wine and she prepared spaghetti and all the fixin's for dinner.

It rained during the night last night and I can still hear the rain dripping on the roof. What a peaceful sound that is!

As I sit here writing, the dawn is just breaking. Since we are located in a valley and surrounded by tall trees, we can't see the sunrise. We are in the shade until nearly noon every day. The birds are beginning their morning serenade and it promises to be a good day.

Well, let's get busy posting the pictures for you. Can't wait to see what new adventures this day has in store.....

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