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...Ahhhh - ickle wickle penguins!!! ;o)))

Went on this day trip to Phillip Island to see this nightly event where around a 1000 of these little penguins (Around 30cm high) all congregate in the surf as it gets dark and then race up the beach in their little groups with their bellies loaded with fish from the days hunting. Ahh, they're sooo cute - they walk a little way up, get spooked and run back in again! Soo funny! Unfortunately you can't take photo's as the flash stuns them too much and makes them re-gurgitate their catch and run away, wasting the whole day but I'm going to get a few pics from the internet and load em up.

Once they've reached the grassland and find their little tracks they waddle up the hills towards their nests. Thing is they are so tired that they only walk for around 5 - 10 feet and stop for a minute to rest! Ahhhh, looks like they're lost but they're just having a break. The day also included a trip to a slightly wilder setting for Koala's and you just spot them in the trees rather than have them put right in front of your face, makes it more pleasing to see. But again, THE FLIES!!! GGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Thassit for now,

Speak soon,


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