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Yesterday began with our usual coffee together and then we had to get busy. The water pressure had dropped quite a bit so I assumed that our water filter was clogged. I had to borrow an oil filter wrench to get the filter assembly loosened. Larry decided to just come on over to help out and first thing I know he has the wrench on the filter and had it loose for me. Sure enough the filter was quite clogged up. Now I need to call Mobile Suites to order a couple of filters. I have an in-line filter from Wally world installed now and things are great.

Marilyn asked me to fix her bird feeder. The squirrels had knocked it off the stand and tried to get to the seed. They couldn't get it open but they did break the handle which supports it on the hanger. I found some wire and repaired that. I have seen one of the squirrels eyeing it again. :)

Marilyn did the laundry and cleaned up the RV. Later in the afternoon, we were sitting outdoors, when Carl & Linda arrived. We had a nice, short visit with them and then left them to get set up.

Around 3 in the afternnon, they came down to sit under our awning , share a cold drink, and visit. They have been traveling all over the southwest and we shared stories about places we enjoy in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

Later in the evening we went to Sawyers Creek for dinner. It was another fantastic meal!

After dinner we drove them around Hannibal, showing them different sights. We walked along the riverfront and looked at the riverboat, watched a barge steaming upstream, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I promise to get some pictures posted soon of this entire weekend, for you.

We turned in early as we were so relaxed that we could hardly keep our eyes open.

We really did enjoy a wonderful day and now it is time to see what this day has in store for us.........

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