John and Janet 2007 Alaska travel blog




Looking For Moose

Cold Lake Camp Site

Checking Things Out

All Back Together

Clean That Windshield!

John's Latest Carving

We slowly leave Meadow Lake Provincial Park as we do not want another flat tire and then head to Cold Lake, Alberta. While driving we see a grey wolf and a fisher. Since the camera person didn't get pictures you will have to take our word for this.

We get our tires at Wal-Mart and decide to get one of John's prescriptions refilled. We find that Canada will not fill a U.S. prescription. We head to the local clinic and see a doctor who gives us a Canadian prescription. Since we are here, John also gets his blood work done. This of course has to be paid for in advance but I can send in a claim when we get home. We are dealing with traveling in a foreign country.

We are now in Alberta but just barely. We are staying at a very nice park on Cold Lake. We comment on how many big lakes there are that we have never heard of. Tomorrow we drive, ehh.

For the record: There are mosquitoes here!

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