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Yesterday we had our morning coffee and then drove out to our daughter's in-laws farm for a family get together. This is an annual event for them and they work hard to make it enjoyable for all who are there. Breakfast was served shortly after we arrived and then everyone has time to just kick back and enjoy being outdoors. We visited with folks we hadn't seen since our daughter's wedding, and spent some real quality time with Jennifer.

We returned to the RV late in the afternoon after a stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a new water filter. I couldn't find the one I need but picked up an in-line water filter which will do the job until I get the one which fits close to the water manifold system they have in the Mobile Suites.

Marilyn and I took a walk through the campground and took a few pictures to share with you. We then decided to put life on hold and just chill on the patio with a glass of wine. Several neighbors dropped by to visit, we declined an invitation to a cookout, and several other people dropped by to chat about our rig or a trip to Alaska or whatever.

Bud stopped by after finishing his day giving tours. Then Larry & Glenda arrived carrying lawn chairs and a full bottle of wine. I put a log on the fire and we sat sharing wine, a nice campfire, and good conversation.

When we finally went back inside it was nearly time for bed and we didn't stay awake long. We discovered when we went indoors that we had missed a couple of phone calls from our friends, Larry & Sarah. We called them and talked for a few minutes. They have a 5th wheel set up on some ground they own near the river and we will be getting together with them soon. They are special friends from way back, and we are anxious to get together with them.

It was a perfect ending to another fine day in the world of the full-time RVer.

We slept with the windows open again and awoke to the sound of the birds singing loudly in the trees just outside the RV.

Marilyn has coffee ready but I'll be back on here before long to post some pictures for you. That's all for now. Can't wait to see what this day has in store......

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