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The never completed Colosseum in Nuremberg

Nuremberg Cathedral

The Nuremberg central square

After my late night at the disco, I slept in and my uncle busted my chops about it pretty much all day about it. They're really fun loving people, and I'm glad that we're on a level gwhere we can joke around. He took me to a Nazi museum located next to the Nazi Colosseum which the Nazis started to build, but never completed. Pretty much it showed how Nazism started, how it spread, and the ramifications that it had on Germany. One of the most common stereotypes that foreigners have of Germans is that they're all Nazis. A lot of people simply won't visit Germany because of what happened; I honestly can't blame anyone for feeling that way - to call what happened an atrocity would be the understatement of the century. Naturally I spoke to my family about it, and they told me that the Germans genuinely feel awful about WW2, wish it never happened but can't change the past. They said that it was their grandfathers' generation that committed the atrocities, and this generation of Germans is completely different, which is something that I agree with.

The rest of my day consisted of playing chess in a park near my family's house. My uncle was at one time a Candidate master in St. Petersburg, which is probably the equivalent of a strong master in America. He even played against the likes of Viktor Kortchnoi and Boris Spassky, the latter being the former World Champion that Bobby Fischer defeated in the famous 1972 chess championship in Reykjavik, Iceland.

My uncle gave up chess completely for several decades, and has only recently begun to play again so he forgot a lot of what he once knew. He frequently plays in this park against other local residents, claiming to be in the middle of the pack in terms of playing strength. He always bragged about having a nephew in America who was an excellent chess player, so was very excited to see me play there. I was looking forward to playing as well - I always love a good chess game. I ended up playing for a few hours without a break, playing almost everyone in the park, and ended up doing extremely well. There was one player who bested me (2 draws and 1 win against me), but I wasn't upset at all - the games were all very close, and were only really decided at the end. I'm looking forward to playing against him again the next time that I go to the park, and I'm sure that my uncle is looking forward to that too.

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