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Another birthday-gift trip from Michelle to Charlie

Venice is about 1 1/2 hours south of us and has a unique feature: is shallow waters there is a deposit of pre-historic shark teeth.

Michelle being pregnant could not dive, but she signed me up for a dive trip. Luckily my cold ended just in time for these 2 dives. The first site in about 22 feet of water, lots of small shark teeth, the second in about 28 ft dept with lot fewer finds, but those were all of the bigger items variety: a bunch of whale bones and two giant 20 million yrs old shark teeth. These, the ones I found are in the neighborhood of 2 inches, but one of the guys found two intact over 5 inches long teeth.

After all the international dives, diving in Florida is always a shock to me. Lots of talk about spear fishing, recovering coins from sunken ships, etc. Most elsewhere diving is sort of a domain of either traveling college kids or the higher echelon of the society. US and Florida is the great equal opportunity: here rednecks are just as abundant under water as on land. While I love that the sport is truly open to all, but I am also sad about the fact that one cannot escape the "what can I take" attitude even there. In Thailand we were cleaning up reefs on a few dives, here it does not even cross people's mind that an environment could be enjoyed without killing its inhabitants or looking at how to make a buck while visiting it.

Anyway we had a very nice weekend.

On the way home we stopped at the Motte Marine Laboratories in Sarasota. That was nice, too.

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