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Saturday began in the usual way for us. Coffee together, quiet music in the background, and discussion about future plans.

Next spring, Marilyn and I will be attending a rally in Branson from June 11 to 15th, 2008. It is an rv-dreams rally and I suggest that each of you readers might give it some consideration. Details may be found on the rv-dreams.com website. Look in the forum for Rally information.

Marilyn and I both worked yesterday and we were very busy. Both of us were tired when the day was over. We drove with Bob & Nancy, to a restaurant here in Hannibal & had dinner. It was an opportunity to get better aquainted with these fellow work-campers.

Bob was a professional dance band musician, playing for many famous people from Danny Thomas to Johnny Cash. Nancy is a very sweet and quiet lady. We enjoyed our time together although all four of us were worn out after five days of work.

One event happened yesterday. We had to dispose of another copperhead snake. As I was explaining the cave map and entrances, one of the tourists asked "Is that a copperhead?", and pointed to a spot not far from where I was standing. I looked and confirmed that indeed it was a small copperhead. Immediately all of the people wanted a close up look so I had to corral the people first, then get the snake taken care of.

The campground here is packed with four motorhomes parked in the overflow area.

We have good friends we met in the Rio Grande valley, coming in tomorrow. Carl & Linda plan to stay for four or five days. It will be nice to see them again. They have their home for sale and plan to be full-time RVers.

On this memorial day weekend we are reminded of the sacrifices made by our fighting men and women, and their families. Please honor them with hugs, handshakes, pats on the back, a "thank you" or, perhaps, by keeping all of them in your prayers.

One of the duties I enjoy most here at the cave is putting the flag up in the morning. I still get choked up when I hear the National Anthem, and it is an honor to raise the flag in the morning. I always have an urge to salute after it is raised. My brother served his country most of his life, spending 27 years on active duty, and his son, John, is a hero in our book, serving in the first special ops group. He has been in Iraq three times doing very dangerous work.

I served 4 years on active duty, all of my uncles served during WWII, and my Dad served at that same period in time. May God bless all who put their lives in harms way to defend our way of life.

Well my friends, it is time to get busy today. Can't wait to see what this day has in store......

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