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Rainy Dublin

Tara Stones

Hill of Tara

Tonight, we treated ourselves to a nice hotel in a town called Naas. (Our room must be a smokers' room, as the odour is overwhelming. We have some Medic left, and are using it as a deodoriser.)

And now it is three o'clock in the morning. There is a huge group of young girls staying here-maybe a Hens' Night. They are terrorising us with knocking on each other's doors. The locals are all assembled in the streets outside, yelling at each other, and we have just had a wake up phone call from somewhere.

Tashie went to sleep early, but woke at midnight, and has been awake ever since. At least, I got five hours sleep.

We both feel wretched. Will try to sleep again. Looking forward to home.

Much mollified, we are now in the Crowne Plaza at Dublin Airport. We spent the morning at the Hill of Tara, connecting with our past.We spent our last night in Dublin. The concierege advised us not to get the 27 bus as it meanders all over outer Dublin. Because it was the first to arrive, we took it anyway, sitting on the upper deck, swaying and weaving our way through Saturday night traffic around the Estates and the Beaumont Hospital, before arriving at a jampacked street in Central Dublin.

It began to rain as we ate a meal at Boticelli's in Temple Bar, but we still did a bit of sight seeing, taking in the Castle, City Hall Millenium Bridge, past Trinity college and hailed a taxi just close to the Customs House.

Our driver was Colm Meagher, who slowly blossomed as an interesting conversationalist. On politics he said, "Couldn't give a monkey's;" on travel, Holland was the extent of his voyages, Australia was on another planet, and he planned to extend his vision to a ski trip in Austria. He was charming, and tried to explain about the Jeannie Johnson on the docks, which he felt we would have enjoyed seeing.

By the time he dropped us, we were great pals. As we stepped out of the taxi a man stepped into it. Colm gave us a great toot and wave, leaving us with a smile on our faces. There are an amazing number of taxis in Dublin, especially for a rainy Saturday night. Daylight saving is in vogue and there were many people out and about in Dublin.

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