We will be on a bus, or some kind of transport this day so I am entering our greetings a day early!

We all hope that you all where ever you are have a wonderful, happy, healthy, and loving Christmas! We think of our friends and families often, wondering where and what you are doing knowing that their schedules are definately more complex and conscripted than ours. We only wish for you all the peace and fulfillment life can bring and hope that sometime in the future we will all - world wide - celebrate a new understanding of what living and being on our planet Earth together truely means!

This is indeed the message of Christmas...of all religions and beliefs. If we are learning anything in our travels it is that people are people everywhere, with the same dreams, aspirations, and wonder of life. Some people are confused, struggling to cope, making due with close to nothing, attempting to live on a planet which is their only home and still looking forward as best they can, trying to believe in what they feel is right. Love is not just for some it is for all..."love isn't love until you give it away." Sorry, I can't remember who spoke this truth, if someone does I would like to give credit, thanks.

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