Nha Trang to Saigon - Lunch Stop at Marble Mountain!

Another Marble Mtn. Shot - Jake

Got on bus at 7 pm to head south...arrived in NT at 7 am! We became a bit conflicted upo9n arrival as a group tired and a bit crabby...some folks(other tourist types) were gong on to Mui Ne beach on the same bus we arrived on and we had previously understood that we would have to go to Dalat first. Since the buys to MN was only to be 4 more hours we had a bit of discussion about that...after some confusion(perhaps a little Tim twit as well) we settled on our orig. plan - esp. since driver said we couldn't go on anyway since we had signed on in Hoi An just to come here only. Since we had the day in NT we set out to gather info: Todd had seen diving shops so he was anxious to ck them out. After gathering some info the group had breakfast and "discussed" plans. Many opinions were looked as if diving was a good possibility on islands off the coast here and Todd & Jake were jacked about this. After some more talking we were deadlocked, Mari and Tim opting for Dalat, Todd & Jake for diving here and Boin still interested in Mui Ne(beach as reported in LP has dunes, fresh water stream to hike up, as well as great, quiet beach). The plans evolved however, when we began thinking beyond the box we had set up the day before because of our attitude about sales stalkers on the beach at Hoi An - go to 1 more place then head for Saigon & border! After additional back and forth and prodding by Bon, we loosened up a bit and realized we could consider all of it once again! So we came down to - stay in NT adn after looking into diving do that 2 days, go to Dalat and with more info on Mui Ne perhaps 2-3 days there before Saigon.

Off we went to gather more info and 2-3 hours later: 1) This is not the season for diving out of NT(weather too unpredictable) 2) Best spots to dive here are closed anyway

3) Mui Ne is a huge VN vacation beach with tons of resorts all along the beach 4) Pho Quoc Isl. is really the best dive spot in VN! So our plans evolved rapidly...we decided to quit NT for Saigon tomor. on bus - elim all other stops and head for maximum time on Phu Quoc. This has conflicted Mari who had her heart set on Dalat! She has now actively begun the contemplation of leaving the group for the Philippines for awhile. She hasn't decided for sure when or even if but will see in Saigon.

In the afternoon we walked the 2 blocks to the beach...great surf and body surfing, altho Jake said he saw suspicious bubbles in the water and other 'odds-n-ends'. Water was great and surf was up so we hardly paused to consider the consequences...we were the only ones in the ocean...the VNese were all on the prominade walking/watching...only 2 or 3 other tourists walked by, ha!

Books with the group: Fast Food Nation, Daughter of Persia, The Girl in the Picture, Into Thin Air, Touching My Fathers Soul, Winter in the Blood, The Winds of War, The Stand In, Life in the Forbidden Purple City, A Place of Stones, Dharma Bums, Hell's Angels, Seven Yrs. in Tibet, Mr. Nice Guy, Lie Down w/ Lions, Honorable Schoolboy, River Town...Yes, we read ALOT! This is the second selection of books, the first we started with in St. Pete, and it has evolved to these thru trade, etc. In addition, we carry(ed): Lonely Planet editions of 1. China 2. S.E.Asia 3.Viet Nam I would be curious to know how many pounds these all add to our packs, ha!

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