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Woke up Early this morning and went for a run on the beach. It was good to give the old muscles a good stretch. Unfortunately the beaces here have very soft sand and you can run on the water edge, where sand is better, as it is unusual terrain.

So run along the pedestrian walkway and appeared to be a tourist attraction to the fat stupid tourists - you all know which ones I am talking about??? They walk like they own the place and no common ceortousy.

Anyway, second thing to notice is the Starbucks, Macdonalds, Burger King and the like lining the beach side street of Playa del carmen. We are now in a serious touristy place.

Bought a mango and some local made peanut brittle on the beach. The peanut brittle was not as sweet as the regular ones we get but was better??? Had a good swim in the morning sun and went back to hotel to shower.

Joined the rest of the guys to hire scooters so we can go as far north as we can to get away from the big Macs. Unfortunately I seemed to have mislaid my drivers licence so had to back down. I could have shared a bike with someone else but they had not driven a scooter before as well so did not want to take the chance.

So went for a late breakfast of fruit and fruit juice.

Sorted email and post and heading back to the beach.

It is very tropical here so it is scortching one moment and then it pours down and clears...

Hast luego and stay safe.

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