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The great Pyramid to the sun

Their "football" Stadium

The goal post - Ps the winner had his head chopped off...

What used to be their water source

Travel companion

A nice pic of me

Its a hot day

One for the folks

and one more

Hey Everyone,

The last night in Merida was good. Had a barbeque on the roof top of hotel. Then headed out to a Mambo cafe which was absolutely great. It had a life band playing a variety of music mainly latin or salsa of course. They also played some regular hits which was good. went to bed early morn about 4am. got up at 7 to get breakfast and catch bus to Chichen Itza. Slept fairly well on the bus but we got to destination quick so was not enough sleep.

Walked around like a zombie. Funny thing, While roaming the stalls outside the pyramid area ( waiting for tour to start) I seen the two German girls I met a few days ago in Pelenque. When we arrived in Pelenque, I went for a small walk around the complex and exchanged pleasantries in Spanish with these two girls who were also walking about. Next day I saw them at one of the Pelenque ruins and then realised that they spoke English and were from Germany. Then yesterday we bump into them at another location. They are traveling to Playa del carmen. It will be a real coincidence I bump into them here as it is a big place.

Anyway, after Chichen Itza headed to Playa del Carmen where I will be till Sunday 27 May. Got here late and went for a nice bite to eat at a local Taco shop. I got the beef option and watched them perpare it. they barbeque a good pice of steak and then chop it to bits and serve it with chopped pepper, onions, mushroom and white cheese.

Why I dont know and they dont know- they always did it that way - Dont think it changes the taste? Next time I will ask them to keep the steak in one piece.

After Dinner went for a walk to the beach and got our feet wet in the Ocean or rather the gulf of Mexico.

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