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Jarvey ride

Bunratty Castle

Looking over the river Shannon and Limerick

Girls weren't a big rap foroving to a 2 bedroom thatch roofed...

Irish whickens (thhey just looked like a good photo opportunity!)

TheKing, Queen and Princesses of Ulster!

A pretty Irish (Limerick) house

Headed off to Limerick today. Stopped at Killarney for a couple of hours which gave us the opportunity to go on a "Jarvey" ride (horse and cart). It was great fun - we had Ben a 7 year old Irish Clydesdale. After we headed to Limerick we went to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. Great educational experience for the girls. We climbed yet another set of spiral stairs, then wandered through the folk park. The exhibits were of the type of housing people used to live in from one bedroom thatch roof houses to Georgian manors. I don't know how they coped with the peat smoke - it was revolting. I suppose anything to keep warm. The girls were more interested in the playground (and the ice cream) until they spotted all the animals. There were deer, donkey, pigs, goats, chickens and ducks a plenty. We stayed at the Radisson SAS in Limerick and went to a Banquet at Knappogue Castle. We were selected as King, Queen and Princesses of Ulster and got to sit at the head of the table over the 'peasants'. Ah to be royal. Apparently this was the first time they had children on the stage so the girls were very lucky, and did us proud. Mind you the 'princess' behaviour reared it's ugly head back at the room but that was quickly sorted. The King reminded them who had the power - the Queen!

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